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Lexington Mini Storage: Repurposing With Purpose

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Itís clear that organization is important, both at the workplace and at home. You donít have to spend a fortune to stay organized, either. Here are some cheap ideas to stay organized.

  1. Put all of your instruction manuals into a three ring binder
  2. Use old shoe boxes to keep like items together such as items for a party (candles, placecards, napkins, etc)
  3. Use a clear, plastic bin to create a gift wrapping station Ė with scissors, tape, ribbon, gift wrap, etc.
  4. Depending on size, you can repurpose a wine rack to store old magazines
  5. Use lids of shoe boxes to organize your medicine cabinet
  6. Use a standard desk organizer, usually for pens and whatnot, for bathroom items like cotton balls and toothbrushes
  7. Use a magazine rack to store canned goods in your pantry
  8. Use mop handle holders to store your spices efficiently

†These household items that are commonly found are a great way to rethink the way you store some otherwise cumbersome items. What are some of your storage ideas?


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