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Lexington Mini Storage: Planning Ahead

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Even if you don’t plan on moving from your current home anytime soon, it’s always best to plan ahead.  By doing this, you can get even more out of your future Lexington Mini Storage unit.

 Coffee tables and ottomans

Instead of these items being “dead space” in your home, give them a dual purpose.  Look for coffee tables or ottomans that offer storage inside.  These items usually have tops that can be lifted up to find a hollow middle in them.  This is a good area to store throw blankets, movies and DVDs, and all those extra remotes for every piece of technology you possess.

 This saves you space in a storage unit setting instead of having to buy extra tubs for the aforementioned items.

 Storage benches and bins

If you find yourself needing to fill any space in your home, storage benches and bins are a good investment.  They can be both decorative and functional.  That way, if you need to place them in a storage unit, they are already full of any items in your home that you need to store.  Make sure they are study enough to withhold the weight of the extra items you plan on storing in them, though. 

When you move things into a storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage, it will be much easier.



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