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Lexington Mini Storage: Now What?

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After you have successful moved, what do you do next?  Your new place is cluttered with boxes, your belongings, and no telling what else.

 First, do not end your lease with your storage unit until you know for sure that you won’t need it.  You could have underestimated how much extra storage space you have, and end up needing to place some stuff at Lexington Mini Storage until you need it at a later date.

 To do this, put everything in its general area and get everything organized.  Assess what is absolutely necessary and what you could do without.  After emptying your boxes, don’t get rid of them, either.  You can reuse the boxes to move things back to your Lexington Mini Storage.

 Then, organize what you are putting back in storage.  Box together like items and then make sure to re-label your boxes.  Cross out ‘dishware’ if you’re filling the box back up with ‘winter clothes.’

 Make a list of all the items you have repacked so you know what is at your new place and what is back in storage.  It’s also smart to plan ahead.  If it’s summer, you can put your winter clothes back in storage and you won’t need your snowboard or skis, either. 

 By doing this, you make sure to stay organized while unpacking and repacking your out of season belongings.  This also ensures that you are keeping your new place is de-cluttered, which leads to less stress if your home environment is a place to relax, not to spend ten minutes trying to remember where you put your blender.

 What are some of your unpacking tips to make your move less stressful?


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