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Lexington Mini Storage: Mudrooms

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If you donít have a dedicated mudroom in your home, that doesnít mean you canít have an organized entryway.† As a result of having an organized mudroom, it doesnít induce stress by coming home from work and seeing a mess of shoes, jackets, keys, and whatever else might be found in your entryway.

†Get a shelving unit full of cubbies for shoes.† This eliminates the amount of shoes that are left on the floor and ensures that a shoeís mate is never far way.† By keeping the floor in your entryway clear, it reduces the chance of tripping over something as well.

†Create a dedicated place for hanging coats and jackets if there isnít one.† It could be a coat rack, a preexisting closet, or whatever else you can find to make sure those articles of clothing arenít draped over furniture or on the floor.†

†If you have some sort of table in your entryway, put a large tray of some sort or something similar where you place your keys, wallets, and whatever else you may need as you walk out the door.† This way, your everyday essentials are in one place and you donít have to risk running late searching high and low for your keys.

†If you have any tips on how you keep this area of your home neat and orderly, let us know!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="465"] An organized mudroom[/caption]


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