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Lexington Mini Storage Is Perfect For Everyone

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No matter what type of person you are, there are just some things that you donít want to throw away because it means something to you.† Luckily for you, Lexington Mini Storage can become the home for your sentimental belongings that just canít seem to fit at your residence anymore.

Sentimental. †Nothing is too insignificant to be included in the sentimental box of memories and mementos. The perfect personal storage solution for the sentimental pack rat is a climate controlled storage unit that will preserve their treasured belongings for future generations, whether itís kidsí art projects, holiday cards, etc.

What if? The "What if" person is typically a creative, independent, do-it-yourself type that sees a use for nearly every item or object; in fact, hardly anything is ever considered "junk" but rather "raw material" for a future project. Their choice personal storage solution: something large enough to allow future growth and enough "raw material" to create anything their heart desires.

Collector. Serious collectors are a species all of their own; whether they collect cars, cameras or coins there is always one more "must have" specimen just waiting to be procured. Unfortunately, personal space is usually the only limiting factor especially as the collection grows to become valuable in its own right. Encourage the serious collector by reserving a personal storage space complete with easy access at one of our two locations in Lexington.

Rolling Stone. Some people simply can't sit in one place for long; whether they are fresh out of college and exploring the world around them or recent retirees that are finally hitting the open road, the rolling stone needs a place to store their belongings while they are out and about. Lexington Mini Storage offers both regular and climate controlled storage units that are perfect for those on the go.

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