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Lexington Mini Storage: Five Quick Tips No Title

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Youíve just moved into your new house and you have more boxes to unpack than youíd like to count.† Letís rewind and go over some helpful tips that will make your move easier than ever.

  1. Instead of opting for bubble wrap, wrap your dishware and anything fragile in clothing.† This will help save money and time, so you donít have to go get more in case you run out.
  2. Pack up your boxes and not only label whatís inside, but what room said boxes go in.
  3. Unpacking by room will make you feel much more accomplished and gives you a plan.
  4. Before moving into your new place, take the time to clean the bathroom and kitchen.† Itís easier to do this before everything is moved in.
  5. Once everything is moved in, take things you donít have space for yet to Lexington Mini Storage.

†What are some helpful tips that youíve learned from the experience of moving?




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