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Lexington Mini Storage: Dorms

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Its almost time for students to be flooding college towns, especially here in Lexington, KY. Not only do we offer two convenient locations in Lexington, but we our month lease is especially helpful to college students. If you will be living in a dorm this fall, Lexington Mini Storage has some helpful hints to get the most out of your small space while simultaneously staying organized.

  • Closet space can be a bit sparse in dorms. Instead of forking out some cash for a closet organizer, we offer you this simple, cost efficient tip: put to use those soda can tabs by hanging them on your hangers; you will essentially double your hanging space.
  • If you dont have enough room in your dorm for a full size ironing board, you can craft one out of an old TV tray lying around your house.
  • Floor space is an issue for many, so look up you can make your space feel larger than it is by hanging things on your walls instead of on the floor. For example, you can easily put your dirty clothes hamper on the back of your door!
  • If you have a lot of belts and/or ties, look into buying a piece of PVC pipe and cutting it into pieces. That way, you can keep your items rolled up in a drawer and not cluttering up your closet.
  • Many bedframes in dorm rooms are movable. Consider investing in a set of bed risers that will allow you to have more space under your bed for extra storage space.

We hope that you found these simple tips helpful! Do you have any other storage tips for the dorm?


[caption id="attachment_1115" align="alignnone" width="300"] Double your closet space![/caption]


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