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Lexington Mini Storage: College Moves

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Although this academic year is over, college students who went home for the summer will some be moving back to Lexington in just a couple months.† Even if you are living in Lexington and are moving into another house or apartment, you will need a place to store your belongings to make the move less hectic.

Lexington Mini Storage has two locations in Lexington and is a great option to keep those belongings when making the move to a new place.† There are a few benefits of keeping extra belongings in storage while moving.

†First, you know can distinguish between necessities and luxuries.† You know you need that closet organizer, but you donít need the organizer overflowing with old t-shirts from high school that donít fit.† Take this time to establish those items that you will actually wear or use.

†After you decide what items you will need for the upcoming year, you can decide what you can get rid of.† Whether you donate it or sell it, thatís up to you.† Of course, you can keep those extra items in storage at Lexington Mini Storage until you find a time to have a yard sale of all those extra things you donít need.† This is also a great way to make some cash!

†Next, move the items you need into your new place.† Do this after deciding what youíre keeping and what youíre getting rid of.† By doing this, you will be able to put things in their place without worrying that there wonít be any space (see: over-cluttered closet organizer).† Studies show that organized environments are much more conducive to efficiency and productivity.† Start the school year out right by following these simple steps of transitioning your move with Lexington Mini Storage!



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