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Lexington Mini Storage: Back To School

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Itís August, and the kiddos are probably starting school sooner than the college kids. At Lexington Mini Storage, we are busy helping out our college students make sure their move from our climate controlled storage units to their new homes is as smooth as possible. Either way, weíve thought of some tips to help your student get back in the swing of things, no matter what grade theyíre in.†

  1. Make a to-do list and abide by it. Whether itís school supplies to get or what grades to get, crossing off your list makes you feel accomplished.
  2. Get involved. Not only will joining an extra-curricular organization give you something to do in your free time, but it also helps build both your resume and communication skills.
  3. If youíre in college, make your class schedule work for you. If you find that youíre more productive late at night, donít schedule an 8am class if youíll be burning the midnight oil studying. Instead, have class later in the day so you can stay caught up on your sleep.
  4. Become friends with your teachers. Theyíre there to teach, but can also act as a mentor. If youíre having trouble understanding a topic discussed in class, donít be afraid to meet with him or her and have them explain it to you. Who knows, the connections you make in the classroom could lead to more opportunities than you first thought.

What are some ways you stay on track throughout the school year? †Lexington Mini Storage wants to know!



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