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Lawn Mower Winter Storage Tips

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1. You guessed it: empty the gas tank. Unused gas can invite unwanted rust in your mower.

2. Disconnect the spark plug (this prevents injury for the following steps)

3. Remove the blade. This allows easier access to the underside of the mower. (HINT: This is a great time to sharpen the blade for the spring)

4. Drain the oil (have a pan ready). *This is only for a 4-cycle engine. 2-cycle engines mix the oil with the gas.

5. Clean the underside of the mower. This isnít the prettiest job, but it is necessary to get all of the grass clippings and caked debris off of the mower for storage.

6. Finish up. Reattach the blade and put new oil into the mower. Be sure to recycle the old oil at a service station.

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