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Keep Your Belongings In Pristine Condition With Lexington Mini Storage

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Many of us really like our “stuff” – so much so that even if we don’t have room for it or use it very often, we still want to hold on to it. But if you want to use that stuff again in the future, it’s important that you know how to safely store it.

Warping, yellowing, melting, and fading are often the result of extreme heat or cold, humidity and sunlight. Prevent damage by taking extra care when packing your items for storage and choose Lexington Mini Storage’s facilities. Your best bet is to choose a climate-controlled storage facility. These storage facilities ensure your items are kept in conditions that are conducive to preserving your items.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing a storage facility:

Temperature – most items are sensitive to extreme heat or extreme cold. Make sure your storage facility has the ability to maintain a moderate temperature.

Light – many items will fade or yellow when exposed to sunlight. Choose a storage unit that has no windows. If you can’t avoid windows, line them with paper to block out the sun.

Location Lexington Mini Storage has two locations in Lexington, KY: a Hamburg location and a mall location located on Russio Way.  If you store your belongings near your home or place of business, you will be more likely to take your belongings out of storage and use them.

By choosing a climate-controlled storage facility, you’ll be better equipped to preserve your items for years and years. 


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