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Is Your Home Ready For Cold Weather?

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The weathermen have been predicting this coming winter will be a lot like last winter. That means it will be time to bundle up here in Kentucky! It also means that you should be proactive in keeping the cold out of your home, and making sure your home is prepared for those chilly nights. Lexington Mini-Storage has a few tips: 

1. Did you have a lot of ice on your roof last winter? Make sure your attic hatch is locked tightly to prevent any heat escape to the eaves of your roof (the more heat underneath snow, the more melting and refreezing, and the more ice dams will form).

2. Check your roof for loose or missing shingles. This will help prevent leaks from melting snow.

3. Prevent your pipes from getting frozen. If you own your home, make sure your water pipes are surrounded by insulation and not exposed to external temperatures. If this is not the case and it is 20 degrees or less outside, let the faucet drip to keep a flow of water and release pressure from freezing pipes.

4. Check weather stripping around windows and doors. Caulk any places that would potentially have heat loss. 

5. Trim branches from trees that would potentially break from snow or ice storms. 



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