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How To Use Lexington Mini Storage When Selling Your Home

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With the warm months of spring and summer around the corner, the house market will experience an influx of homes being put up for sale.  If you are thinking about taking this big step, the number one rule for selling your home is being able to sell the space that your home has to offer.  That is, staging your home by de-cluttering and de-personalizing it.  Lexington Mini Storage is the perfect option for you to put all of your extra belongings in it while buyers are coming to look at your house.  Below are some tips on how to effectively remove your extra home décor items and sell that house! 

 The first thing you should do is go through your home and pack up all personal items that you do not need to have every day, such as books, records, CDs, photos, knick-knacks, and family heirlooms. Buyers are looking for effective use of the space in each room and by removing excess items from rooms, it makes the space appear much larger. 

Once you have all the little things out of the way, you then want to assess each room and decide on what pieces of furniture are not necessary. You want to stage each room so that potential buyers know immediately what the purpose of the room is. For example, leave the desk in the office, the sofa and coffee table in the living room and the dining table in the dining room. Remove any extra furniture such as side tables, buffets or bookcases that block doorways or hamper movement around the room in any way.

Real estate is about selling space. By packing up personal clutter and moving unnecessary furniture into a Lexington Mini Storage facility, you will show potential buyers how much space your home has and sell your home for what it’s really worth.

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