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 During the off-season, many sports teams use storage rental in Lexington, KY to store their spare equipment. Since most sporting equipment is extremely expensive to purchase, it must be stored correctly to ensure that it lasts for another year.


Sporting items must be cleaned and detailed completely before they are placed in a storage unit. If it is damaged in any way, it must be fixed before it is stored for the remainder of the year.

  Climate Controlled Options


Lexington Mini-Storage offers both climate controlled and conventional storage units in both south and east Lexington


 Like any item placed in a storage unit, the sporting equipment should be carefully labeled. Having to sort through boxes before a preseason game is the last thing an athlete wants to do with their time. The storage boxes should be labeled in large, black letters so they can easily be spotted. If the family keeps an inventory list of items placed in the storage rental, the sporting equipment should be added to the inventory list.

 Proper care and maintenance can ensure that sporting equipment can be used in upcoming years. Each piece of sporting equipment should always be cleaned and dried thoroughly before it is tucked away. 

From kayaks to football gear, storage units can carefully protect all sporting equipment.


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