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How To Store Military Items

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Long after years of service have passed, military uniforms and items can be placed into storage units so these items can be preserved for future generations to inherit. In order to keep fabrics in good condition, the military items have to be protected from light, humidity and temperature changes. Ideally, a 

 rental should be selected that has climate-controlled options because these types of units make it easier to protect items and serve as a simple solution to storage problems.


Before military uniforms or other items can be put into storage, they have to be completely cleaned. For uniforms, professional dry cleaning works well. If the uniform is washed at home, it is important to check and ensure that it is fully dried. Any leather or metal on the uniform or boots should be completely cleaned as well.

Typically, uniforms should be stored in a flat container. If a military uniform is hung up, it will gradually lose its shape and also adds stress to the seams. Some of the best boxes for putting items in are archival boxes. These boxes are designed to withstand the tests of time. Ideally, the largest box should be purchased because the uniform should be placed in the box with as few folds as possible. The military uniform should also be wrapped with acid-free paper to ensure that it is protected from the elements. Plastic boxes or bags should never be used because plastic causes the garments to yellow.

Packing the Uniform

Before the uniform is stored securely away, the individual should wash and dry their hands. Any lotions that are on the hands will cause the clothing to become stained. Hats or shoulders should be filled with tissue paper in order to retain their natural shape. Each layer of the uniform should be folded around tissue paper.  As long as each layer is wrapped with tissue paper, it will prevent the garment from developing serious creases.  Heavier items can be stored separately in order to make extra space.

Ideally, metal items should be removed and kept in their own boxes. Over time, metal may rust and stain garments. This situation is heightened when the metal is attached to wool because wool contains a type of sulfur that harms the metal.

Any medals should be cleaned off with a brush. Rubber bands should be avoided because they can cause a reaction with the metal. All of the medals must be carefully stored because sweat on the hands can cause the metal to rust.

Once the items are put into storage, they should be checked every year. During the yearly check, the military uniform and medals should be inspected for stains or rust. If the stains are noticed earlier, it will minimize the damage. The material should also be refolded in order to prevent the fabric from being stressed.


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