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How To Preserve Wedding Dresses

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A wedding is a very special memory for many couples. After the wedding is over, scrapbooks and the wedding dress are some of the few items left to commemorate this event. To make sure these mementos can last a lifetime, they should be placed in storage centers. The wedding dress, veil and keepsakes are some of the most cherished memories and preserving them for future generations can be easily done with some extra care. The key to preserving fabric is to protect it from any of the elements such as light and moisture as they cause a great deal of harm to a wedding dress.  With good handling, the dress and accessories should last for years.


The first step is to be sure that the dress, veil and accessories are as clean as possible. The dress should always be professionally cleaned or washed. A dry cleaning service may also offer the option of professionally packaging it. To choose a service, couples will have to determine what works the best for their budget. If a dry cleaner is used, the box the dress is packed should be checked in before the dress returns home.  Individuals who choose not to use Lexington self-storage space will have a few other things to worry about.  Since few homes have the extra space for all of the mementos of a wedding, self-storage can always be sought out. Any items that have metal buttons or pieces should be stored separately. In addition, leather goods like shoes or handbags should also be stored on their own.  

Finding Something to Store Dresses in

 As much as possible, wedding dresses should always be stored flat before they are put in self-storage. The container should be sized so the dress can fit without any problems.  Although the wedding dress can be hung up, clothes that are left hanging can become misshapen from the stress on the seams, so storage boxes should always be used. Tissue should be selected that is made of acid-free paper to wrap the wedding dress in so larger boxes and tissues are best. If the dress is folded fewer times, it will cause less damage and the wedding dress will last longer.  Anyone who is worried about finding the perfect storage boxes can always buy a plastic container, which will also prevent the storage box from being crushed on accident. Ideally, the plastic container should have the #5 in the recycling triangle or the letters “PP.” 

Wedding dresses should never be stored in the plastic dry cleaner’s bag. Plastic is horrible for the dress and the wedding dress should always be wrapped in tissue paper. If the dress must be left hanging, it should be covered in a cotton garment bag or bed sheet.  

Selecting the Right Storage Space

Self-storage is an excellent option for wedding dresses. When storing any clothes, a dark, cool, dry space is ideal. Individuals should always make sure that the clothes are not exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity. Many units at self-storage centers offer climate controlled options to  help preserve items items from temperate changes.


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