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How To Pack Valuables

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When storing items, itís a good idea to have some sort of inventory list with documentation showing where everything is placed.† This makes it easier to locate items and now what was put into the moving boxes in. The moving supplies can also be labeled in case the boxes are misplaced. By doing this, valuables can easily be located and tracked for future reference. Although it initially takes more time, it saves energy in the future.

Label and Fill the Boxes to the Rim

Markers or pens are a must-have on any list of moving. †These permanent markers can be used to label boxes and should be written in large, clear handwriting so that they are easy to read. Each box should be filled as full as possible because this helps to maximize space so more items can be placed within the same storage units - there is a delicate balance to doing this. Although the box should be full, it should not be too crammed full of items. Any boxes that are overfilled will make it more difficult and confusing to track items.

Consider Future Access

When people store their valuables, they should always take into consideration that some items will need to be used first, and those items that will be needed sooner should be kept in the front of the storage units so that they are easier to reach. When items are placed too far back, it makes it difficult to find and ends up causing a huge mess. Storing more important items in the front helps to keep the storage unit more organized.†

Putting the Largest Items in the Back

The largest items should always be stored in the back of the unit. Dressers and couches can be placed in the back. Furniture is rarely removed from storage. By putting these items in the back, it allows for boxes that are more frequently needed to be in the front and other boxes can be set on top of the furniture or in the middle of the unit.

Sorting Out the Leftovers

There are always items that do not seem to be fit into a particular box or location. If an item does not easily fit into a select area, it can be placed in the front or in an area where it does not take up too much space.

Use Sturdy Boxes

Items put into storage units should always be in sturdy boxes and valuables should be carefully wrapped with acid-free paper. Families should always keep in mind that these boxes will be kept in storage for a long time. If the box is not properly taped or constructed, it is more likely to break over the coming months or years.

Ensuring the Safety of Storage Items

Use bubble wrap, plastic, or acid-free tissue to keep all the valuables safe. Packing materials should always be used when any items are packed, stored or moved.†


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