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How To Move Your Aquarium

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When planning a move, whether itís for your home or place of business, most things can be packed away in a storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage.† Other delicate items, such as an aquarium, should not be put in a storage unit or left to the movers to take care of.† Fish are very sensitive during moves and tanks are too heavy to move while full so you canít just throw the aquarium into the back of a moving truck the day of your move. With proper planning, moving day can be easy with these simple steps!

†First, gather clean transport buckets or containers and siphon tubes and decide where your tank will go in your new location.† Then, siphon out enough water to put in the container you will transport the fish in.† Put your fish in the transport container one by one.

†Next, remove the majority of the water until the water is barely covering the gravel, dirt, or base of the aquarium.† Once the tank is almost empty, move the tank into the vehicle or whatever you are transporting the tank in, making sure it is level at all times.†

†After the tank has made it to its new location, you can begin placing the proper equipment, such as pumps, heater, and filters back where they belong.† Siphon the water back into the aquarium and make sure the ecosystem is back to normal levels before allowing your fish back into their home.

Once the fish are safe and sound, you can come back to Lexington Mini Storage and begin unpacking the rest of your belongings!


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