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Home Storage For Awkward Items

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Do you have items can never find the right place for? Are there things that are always in your way or cluttering your closets? Lexington Mini-Storage has some tips for a few of those more common awkward storage problems.

Plastic tackle boxes: they're great for so many things. But even more useful for those batteries that you always have floating around in a drawer somewhere.


Store your flipflops & flats by modifying wire hangers.

Use a shoe organizer in your laundry room to store your cleaners and detergents.

Keep linen sets organized by stuffing all the sheets and pillowcases into one of the pillowcases.

DIY ball storage...because you can never find a good place to store all of your kids' toys.

Repurpose your disinfectant wipe container for dog poop bags. You can also re-decorate it so it can fit in nicely on your counter.


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