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Finish Strong With Paint

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So you want to spend your weekend repainting a couple rooms in your houses. You donít have much experience painting, but you want to do it yourself to learn. Here are some helpful hints about paint finishes:


  • Flat: This is the least glossy paint finish. Since it is not glossy, it doesn't reflect light well at all. Itís also the most difficult paint finish to clean, which is why flat paint is most commonly found on ceilings and rooms that arenít subject to a lot of mess.
  • Eggshell: A step up from flat, eggshell finishes have some sheen about them that reflects some light. This type of paint finish is easy to clean so it is commonly found in living rooms, hallways, and other rooms with a lot of traffic. Best choice for painting the walls.
  • Satin: A small step up from eggshell. While not super glossy, they reflect light more than eggshell paints do. This finish is also easy to clean, so they can work well for the walls as well. This type of finish is commonly found on the trim.
  • Semi-gloss: A higher amount of sheen than satin. This finish gives whatever is being painted a nice glow without being too flashy. Very easy to clean, so this finish is commonly found on baseboards and doors.
  • High-gloss: The highest sheen available in paint finishes. High-gloss will really make whatever itís on shine, giving it a lacquer-like finish. Because itís so shiny, it will highlight any imperfections the wall has, so beware. This finish is durable, however, and easy to clean.


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