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Fall Craft Project: Pressing Leaves

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We are now fully enjoying the full extent of the fall colors here in Kentucky. As kids, we love to collect and play in the fall leaves. Why not make a craft project out of it? 

There are a few things you can do with those beautiful oranges, yellows, and reds of fall leaves:

1. Use Glycerin and Water. Simply dip the newly collected leaf into a mixture of glycerin and water (1 part glycerin and 2 parts water). This preserves the flexibility of the leaves, as the glycerin seeps into the pores in the leaf and prevents the leaf from becoming brittle.

2. Wax Paper. This is one of the more common methods, putting the leaves between two pieces of wax paper and pressing them using a hard flat surface (ie. a large dictionary). You may also seal the wax paper together by placing a piece of paper over the wax paper and ironing the paper until it sticks together (2-5 minutes).

3. Microwave. You simply need to put the leaves on a paper towel, put another paper towel on top of the leaves, and then microwave for 30 sec to 3 minutes. The length of time in the microwave depends on how dry the leaves are: the drier they are, the less time they will need in the microwave. Make sure you are watching them closely, as they CAN catch fire if microwaved too long. Microwave the leaves until they are no longer curled, but not scorched. Let them sit for 2 days and then spray both sides with acrylic sealant.



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