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Fall Cleaning? Here's How To Purge Your Clothes.

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Suddenly got the urge to purge your closet of unnecessary clothes but are continually saving things you don't wear? Here are a few tips to help you along: 

1. If you haven't worn it for a year, out it goes. You've gone through every season without wearing it.

2. Try all of your clothes on. Maybe a winter sweater has mysteriously developed a conspicuous hole. If you don't love the clothes you are putting on, don't keep them.

3. Don't wear uncomfortable clothes. If you can't stand to wear it, toss it.

4. Why have clothes that need to be ironed when you hate ironing? Save yourself, and get rid of the unnecessary work. 

5. You don't need clothes that no longer fit. Yes, it it is nice to have a goal to get back to your skinny self, but once you do, you'll want to reward yourself with a whole new set of clothes.

6. Have a favorite article but have never had something that matches? Either go out and buy a matching item or follow the one-year rule. 

7. We all have those clothes that remind us of our silly high school selves, or maybe something you got from your favorite concert but have never worn. Either take a photo or limit yourself to a small box of keepsake clothes.

Don't forget to donate all of those clothes! And for your seasonal wear, make sure you contact Lexington Mini-Storage for all of your storage needs. 


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