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Don't Forget About Your Storage Unit This Spring

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Your storage unit was neat and tidy when you started, but things have become a bit less organized. And itís becoming increasingly difficult to find what you need.

Since spring has arrived, you are busy cleaning and de-cluttering your house, garage, and basement Ė but donít forget about your storage unit! Here are some ways to effectively refresh your storage unit!

  • If at all possible, empty the unit and start fresh.
  • Check the items and decide what to keep. Chances are good you can get rid of some things. So make four piles: one for seasonal items, one for keepsakes, one for household or office items, and one for junk. If you canít decide what to do with something, itís probably time to part with it. If it is too good to throw away, maybe it can go to a friend, a charity or a garage sale
  • Place like things together. For example, gather all your keepsakes together in the same containers.
  • Get sturdy boxes or (preferably) stackable, transparent bins. Pack them fully. This saves space and theyíll be less likely to collapse or lean.
  • Label everything, using a fresh black permanent marker and white label or 3◊5 card. Be as specific as needed. If you only have one or two boxes of holiday decorations, you donít need to indicate what is in each one. If you have 10 boxes, it helps to know where the holiday lights are.
  • Make a copy of the label or, ideally do a more detailed listing for your records at home.
  • Take pictures of the items in the unit. You can easily refer to it at home.
  • Place the things you might need in the front. Make sure the labels face forward.
  • Put your tallest items in first, and the heaviest items at the bottom.
  • Keep some distance between your items and the walls to ensure adequate air flow.
  • Create a walkway in the unit so you can access items in back. Draw a map of your unit so you can quickly find things later.
  • Cover any unboxed items lightly with an old sheet to keep out dust and light.
  • If you plan to store things for a while, or if you primarily have smaller, plastic containers, invest in shelving. This will use the storage space more efficiently, and will better protect the items you put on the shelves. Shelving also makes it easier to reach the things you need.


By following these tips, your storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage will be organized, clean, and one less thing you have to worry about!


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