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Don't Fall For Fall Allergies

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With autumn in full swing, most people are out enjoying the seasonís change and preparing for winter.† If you have allergies, however, fall can be the worst.† Since home is where you spend the most time, here are some ways to minimize the allergens that you allow in your house.

As tempting as it is to open up your windows to enjoy the crisp air, you probably shouldnít.† That lets pollen and ragweed right into your house, and you wonít be able to enjoy your time at home if itís just like sitting outside with all the allergens floating around.†

Be sure to change your air conditionerís screens and filters in the home.† This traps any allergens that may be trying to get in your home.

You might need to change your shower routine.† If you shower in the morning, that means that when you fall asleep, all the dayís pollen and such are in your hair and on your skin.† By showering before you go to bed, it washes off the pollen so you donít wake up more congested than you were the night before.

Stock up on any medications you take for your allergies.† With all the leaves falling, ragweed and pollen are impossible to avoid.† Always keep those allergy pills on hand for when you need them most.



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