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Diy Winter Bird Feeders

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As fall goes by and winter approaches, wildlife watchers look forward to winter bird visitors. That means those birds are going to have fewer and fewer things to eat as the weather gets colder. You can easily build your own bird feeder from materials you might have around the house (some of these are also great projects for kids!). You can entertain and ensure bird survival with these feeders:

Use an empty milk or orange juice carton to make this simple kid-friendly feeder. No need for special supplies, just use glue, found natural materials, and scissors to cut out the hole.


Empty peanut butter jars are an excellent item to use for bird feeders simply cut out any sized hole (you can cut a smaller one than what is pictured so you can fill the jar all the way up). Use a dowel for a perch.


Always have empty toilet paper rolls lying around that you know you can use for a craft project? Here's an idea! Simply take the empty toilet paper roll, spread peanut butter on it, then roll in any type of bird seed. 


Do you have extra native corn from your fall decorations? Make them into a corn wreath. The birds will love it (and maybe the squirrels, too!).



Here's a good idea for those who still have pumpkins around from Halloweeen: simply cut the pumpkin in half, drill (or cut) holes in the sides, and then fit dowels through the holes and fill with bird seed.


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