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College Students: Lexington Mini Storage Can Help!

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As a college student, it can be a pain to have to pack and unpack your belongings as you move from a dorm room, to an apartment, to a house, to anywhere else you find suitable to inhabit. Lexington Mini Storage offers a great alternative to leaving your stuff behind where it might not be welcome.† If you fit into any of these categories as college students, then Lexington Mini Storage is the right fit for you!† †††

1. Studying Abroad

One of the most awesome opportunities that many college students get this year is the chance to immerse themselves in the culture, language, geography and cocktails of an entirely different culture by traveling abroad for a semester or two and taking classes in another country.† But what are you supposed to do with all your stuff while youíre across the ocean?† Lexington Mini Storage offers self-storage and climate-controlled storage units for your convenience.

2. Going Home for Summer

Going home for the summer can be nice and relaxing, but finding a place to store your winter clothes, furniture, and whatnot can be a hassle.† Lexington Mini Storage is the perfect option for those who will just be gone for a couple months for the summer.† This is a good way to make sure all your belongings are in one place and you donít have to worry about someone else tampering with them when youíre home.† You can even split a unit with a friend to split the cost! When you come back, just empty out your storage unit!

3. Moving with New Roommates

When moving in with new roommates, you might find that you all have two microwaves, an extra desk or TV, and whatever else you donít need duplicates of.† If you think you might need to keep these for later on down the road, Lexington Mini Storage is a great option for storing your belongings.† This frees up extra space in the apartment as well!

4. Summer Travel

Whether youíre studying abroad for the summer, or landed an awesome internship somewhere else in the country, Lexington Mini Storage is a great option to keep your belongings while youíre away.† Just like going home for the summer, a storage unit in Lexington is a cost efficient way to keep your belongings out of the way and you can remove them once youíre back in town and preparing for your fall semester of college!



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