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Changing Your Address

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With every move comes a new address. What’s the best way to let people know you’ve moved? Who should you tell? You don’t want any sensitive information like credit card bills sent to your old address so the new tenants have that information. Lexington Mini Storage is going to tell you how to smoothly transition your move.


For friends and family, you can either send out “change of address” cards like people have. You may or may not want to post your new address on social media, so these cards seem like the best bet.


What about everyone else who isn’t family or friends? Here’s a list of important people to alert of your move.


-Credit card companies



-Insurance companies

-Cell phone companies

-State income tax office

-Passport office

-Any organization you’re a part of

-Doctors’ offices

-Any subscriptions you have, such as magazines, Netflix, PayPal, and any online shops that may have your old shipping/billing address, like Amazon


If you forget to let someone know of your change of address, just let them know as soon as possible to avoid headaches.


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