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Camping? Store Your Equipment With Us

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With spring and summer just around the corner and many great locations to camp just outside of Lexington, KY, itís best to start making a list of the essentials for a perfect weekend spending time with family, friends, and Mother Nature.† If you donít have an abundance of space to store all of your camping supplies, Lexington Mini Storage can help.


If youíre new to camping, however, and want to take up the hobby, hereís a fantastic list of things you might need for a weekend of camping.

The Serious Campers

†††††††† Pup Tent

†††††††† Sleeping Bag

†††††††† Flashlight

†††††††† Canteen

†††††††† Small pot

†††††††† Food (freeze dried or ready to eat)


The Leisure Campers

†††††††† 3+ person Tent

†††††††† Tarp

†††††††† Air Mattress

†††††††† Air Mattress Pump

†††††††† Sleeping Bag

†††††††† Pillows

†††††††† Lanterns

†††††††† Grill

†††††††† Electric Griddle

†††††††† Portable Burner

†††††††† Propane Tanks

†††††††† Pots/Pans

†††††††† Grilling/Cooking Utensils

†††††††† Paper/Plastic Dinnerware

†††††††† Papertowels

†††††††† Dishwashing Liquid/Sponge

†††††††† Cooler

†††††††† Water Bottles

†††††††† Thermos

†††††††† Garbage Bags

†††††††† Chairs

†††††††† Games

†††††††† Fishing Gear

†††††††† Boombox

†††††††† Bug Spray

†††††††† Citronella Candles


If you donít go camping that often, it wouldnít make sense to store all of your camping equipment at home.† At Lexington Mini Storage, we have a variety of storage units in Lexington, KY available for rental.† That way, you have all of your essential equipment all at one place and it stays organized.† All it takes is a quick trip to your storage unit to one of our two locations in Lexington, KY before you head out for a fun filled weekend!

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