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Calipari Won't Need A Storage Unit, But You Might No Title

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At the beginning of this month, University of Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari made headlines as he extended his contract. The seven year, $52.5 million contract will ensure that Calipari will continue his legacy on at UK.  That being said, Coach Cal might not need a storage unit in Lexington, KY, but you might.

If you somewhat unexpectedly decided to move to a new city (Like the rumors of Calipari moving on to coach at the NBA level), then you should invest in a climate controlled storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage.  

Moving to a new city can be exciting but overwhelming at the same time.  You may not know how long the move may last, so you don't know if you should take all of your belongings or not.  If that's the case, investing in a storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage can benefit you in the long run.  

"Self store" storage units allow you, the mover, to move at your own pace.  You may decide that you want to leave the majority of your big, bulky, hard-to-move items at your current location until you know for certain how long you will be there.  Until then, Lexington Mini Storage is here to help make your moving process easier.


[caption id="attachment_1031" align="alignnone" width="300"] Calipari Won't Need a Storage Unit, But You Might[/caption]


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