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Business Documents? No Problem!

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Lexington Mini Storage in Lexington, KY offers two convenient locations for the Lexington community to utilize affordable climate controlled storage units.

We gladly serve both residents and businesses in the community.  Have you ever thought about storing your business documents in a climate controlled storage unit?  If not, you should look into it!  Here are some benefits of doing so:

Easily organized. With Lexington Mini Storage, you can pick the size of climate controlled storage unit that best suits your needs.  When you store your business documents and items with us, you have a large space to organize the documents any way you like.  You aren't confined to a single filing cabinet!

Sensitive?  If you are storing documents that are considered business sensitive or confidential, then Lexington Mini Storage can help keep those documents off your hands.  In the case of an emergency at your place of business, your documents won't be there.

More space! By clearing out all the room in your office, you will have much more room.  Studies show that cluttered offices lead to inefficiency, so don't fall victim to the mess and move your extra business documents to Lexington Mini Storage.


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