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Best Practices For Storing Summer Clothes

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As seasons start to change, items in self-storage Lexington, KY, will need to be switched out. Winter and fall clothes will have to be removed while summer clothes will have to be packed away. Since many households do not have enough space for extra items, summer clothes can be placed into storage Lexington KY. A storage rental Lexington, KY must be selected before the items can be packed away. Once an appropriate location is picked, families just have to pack up their clothes.

Preparing for the Switch

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Once the storage in Lexington, KY is prepared, it is time to prepare containers for the clothing items. Plastic containers can be used. Before summer clothes are put in them, individuals must use a disinfectant or soap. Once it is washed, the container must be dried. If a fabric storage bag is used, it should be run through the washing machine first.  Any boxes that are used should be printed with the #5 in the recycling box to ensure that it is made out of polypropylene. On the edges of the container, tissue paper or cotton sheets can be used to protect more delicate clothing items.

Now that the container is prepared, the summer clothes must be sorted. Anything that was not worn during the summer this year will most likely not be worn again next year. These items can be donated or thrown out. Children’s clothes must be checked to see if they will still be the appropriate size in the upcoming summer. If there are no other children in the family, the clothing can be given to charity or sold in a garage sale.

Folding and Labeling the Clothes

Once the clothes have been sorted, they must be folded before they are put in a storage rental in Lexington, KY. They should be washed and dried completely. Any stains should be found and removed before they are put in storage.  Instead of folding the summer clothes, the items should be rolled. This helps more items to fit in the same box and prevents additional wrinkles from forming.

To make it easier to locate summer clothes, the container should be labeled with the type of items and the owner’s name. It can also be dated so that old items and boxes can easily be sorted through during the following year. The items can then be put in a climate-controlled area that is well-ventilated. Ideally, the summer clothes should be kept in a storage unit so that they can be used the next year.


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