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After The Garage Sale....

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I had a great garage sale this past Saturday.  We sold all kinds of stuff and I feel like I got paid to clean out my garage.  I was on such a roll that I decided to keep the momentum going and get even more out of my garage.  Not the item that I wanted to sell but just too keep out of my way all summer while I get it organized.

I won't need my monster latter any time soon. I have been staring at a mountain of Christmas decorations that are collecting dust as well.  I also have an extra 55 gallon fishtank that I was sick of looking at but couldn't part with in the sale. All of this stuff was take over to our self storage unit at the Ruccio Lexington Mini Storage location, the finest storage in Lexington

After a hot day of selling a bunch of junk, we took what was left to our climate controlled storage unit and packed it up.  The facility is easy to get in and out of and we were on our way to ice cream with the family after a nice garage cleaning purge session.  It is nice to have a storage unit so close to me in Lexington KY.


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