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Storage Rental

Lexington Mini-Storage has two, convenient storage rental facilities, near Fayette Malls an also located near Hamburg.Lexington Mini-Storage has storage rental space available in a wide range of sizes, everything from a 25 square foot unit all the way to a 400 square foot unit. To determine the best size storage rental unit for you, take an inventory of all the items you plan to store. Making a list is often useful, since you’re less likely to forget items which require more space. Once you have determined the items you need to store, consider their sizes and weights. Some items can stack on top of each other, while others may be too heavy or awkward in shape, requiring their own space. Depending on how long you need storage rental, it may be important to provide space for ventilation and easy access.

Oftentimes, people find themselves in need of personal storage rental space due to lack of adequate room in their homes. Self-storage provides an affordable, convenient answer for many storage problems. Military families and personnel find themselves moving frequently. Short-term self-storage can be the answer for their storage needs. Many professionals have found storage rental for business and commercial storage to be a cost-effective, convenient storage solution. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical sales rep, own a construction company or run an online store out of your home, storage rental can help you run your business more efficiently.

Here are some valuable storage rental space saving tips:

● Tables, beds and other large items should be disassembled

● Have a center aisle for easy access

● Store frequently used items at the front of your unit

● Stand sofas and mattresses on end

● Stack boxes on dressers and use dresser drawers for delicate items

● Store chairs inverted seat-to-seat

● Fill containers to capacity

● Wrap glasses and dishes individually and pack properly

● Pack heavy items in smaller boxes because of their weight

● Make sure heavier boxes are at the bottom of any stacking

● Keep refrigerator doors slightly ajar

● Do not use newsprint to pack anything that could be stained by ink

● Stack lighter boxes on top of bigger, heavier ones

We offer a wide range of storage rental options, starting with a 25 square foot storage unit all the way to a 400 square foot storage unit. You may need a climate-controlled mini-storage unit to preserve sensitive documents or to keep fragile furniture, clothing and artwork from becoming too brittle. Our team of professionals always goes the extra mile to make sure that your storage needs are fulfilled. Our moving van and platform carts are also accessible to assist our customers.

At Lexington Mini-Storage, we care about our customers and we’re committed to providing a professional, convenient and high quality option for storage rental. We proudly offer the most comprehensive mini-storage services in the area. Our self-storage solutions include clean, climate-controlled units, drive-in access and other value-added services.

Lexington Mini-Storage has two, convenient storage rental facilities: Near Fayette Mall at 285 Ruccio Way, just off Reynolds Road; Near Hamburg at the intersection of Bryant Road and Pleasant Ridge Drive. We offer our customers superior storage rental at a most competitive price and our customers have access to their storage space 365 days a year.  

When it comes to the best storage rental space available, the choice is clear. Lexington Mini-Storage provides the highest quality of storage rental space and service available in the Lexington market.